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ArtikelSchweden (Single Malt Whisky) - Smgen 6 Jahre 100 Proof
Bemerkungheavily peated Optic Barley, Batch No. Loo 2
Inhalt/Vol.0,5L / 57,1%
Preis99,00 (entspricht 198,00 / Liter)
Preis inkl. gesetzlicher Mehrwertsteuer, exkl. Versandkosten
Beschreibungmatured in Oloroso Sherry Quarter Casks
Serge Valenting ( gibt diesem Smgen herausragende 91 Punkte und schreibt:
Not need to tell you what I think of Swedens Smgen Distillery. Whats more, I would suppose a sherry quarter cask is better than a quarter sherry cask, no? Colour: deep gold. Nose: I knew this was going to rock and to be honest, Ive been keeping this bottle closed for a good few months. Its like when you have mashed potatoes with a truffle, you eat the truffle last. I mean, I do that. Sublime butterscotch and cashew praline, roasted raisins, super-old brandy de Jerez, panettone, black turon... I mean, how world is this? With water: some splendid earthy developments, various fresh nuts of all kinds, old cigarettes forgotten in a drawer I mean, I havent properly smoked a cigarette since around the year 2005, and I agree tobacco should be banned, but I can tell you that nothing beats the nose of a pack of untipped Senior Service, Craven A, Benson & Hedges, or even Dunhills. There, I said it, you may put me into jail. Mouth (neat): ah those quarter casks! Nasty on the papers, truly great in real life. Ill say it, this reminds me of those stunning early ex-bloodtub Port Charlottes, a.k.a. the fastest whiskies on earth. Brilliant meaty and fudge-y profile, tar, lapsang souchong, old cigars, glutamate (have I told you about osmazme lately?) And chestnut honey, king of all honeys in my book. With water: gets dry and leafy. Careful, its fighting back! Finish: long and Scandinavian. I know that doesnt make any sense, but with all due cognitive myopia related to distance, that should mean sauna oils, pine tar, hard liquorice, and salted fish. What stereotypes? Comments: clearly one the very best drops from the rest of the world (as seen from Edinburgh or Glasgow). SGP:366 - 91 points.

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